In the age of antiquity in West Africa, Kings and members of the royal court of the Yoruba Dynasty told stories and upheld honourable traditions through dancing, movement, brightness and creativity. Over 1000 years later, our artisan tailors weave these stories through bright and intricate patterns to create moving canvases of history.

Ethnik Fashion is an Afro-Canadian premium fashion brand that blends rich, bold and colorful African prints with Canadian bravura style to create a unique blend of functionality for all seasons and styles that enhance your creative self. Accentuate your unique persona and tell your own story through Ethnik Fashion. We embrace all members of the global community and we hope that each one of us can become a small part of the new tapestry that we have started in Canada. Our materials are sourced all over the world and produced locally in Calgary to the highest standard of quality, fairness and ethics. Make your own statement today.

Check out the Ethnik fashion show celebrating Black History month by clicking the image below…

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