Skilled entrepreneurs and artists share a common thread in being able to weave stories and
connect to people through their passion, drive and vision. Lanre Ajayi blends the world of
artistry and business together by sharing his passions through artistic expression, clothing
design and multimedia projects that showcase the heart of Calgary. Lanre’s talent and creativity has allowed him to be an international citizen and important influencer in countries throughout the world including Dubai, China, Turkey, The United Kingdom, United States, Kenya, Ghana, Qatar and France. Hailing originally from Nigeria, the passion for the rich cultural heritage of his home country is seen often in his work.

Lanre’s personal slogan is, “art gives you freedom to choose” and his mission is to promote personal liberation through artistic expression, both for himself and others. On April 18, 2018, he was awarded the Mayor’s Art Champion Legacy award in recognition of his contributions to the Calgary’s community as an artist. His accomplishments include a Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Applied Arts and he is also a skilled abstract painter, model, actor and fashion designer. His fashion line, ETHINK, is set to launch in February 2019. ETHNIK will be showcased in an exhibition entitled “Painting Meets Fashion on the Runway”. Currently, he has a background in Arts Management from the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business and he is also a visual arts instructor at Studio C Collaborative Arts Centre. His web series, “My City Speaks to Me” guides viewers on a tour of Calgary with weekly episodes that feature the latest local trends and engage with members of the community.

Lanre is a teacher and natural storyteller who shares stories of people, places and events through a message of brightness and positivity. Most importantly, he seeks to make his community a better place by empowering individuals to discover their true potential and sharing small acts of daily kindness that bring light to the world. In his words, art gives him freedom and the wings to fly through artistic expression.

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